"Battle of the Deep" - Omega and Rolex Watch Parts Art


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This watch parts painting is made using a vintage Omega Rotor and a Rolex Sea-Dweller Anchor that came with the watch up until about 2005.

Omega and Rolex have always gone head to head trying to out-do each other; to seem who could get the deepest with one of their watches.

This watch part art painting seem to show a Rolex boat that must have dropped its anchor and had a search light looking for the Omega Rotor on the ocean floor.

Neat to think of the inner office battle between the development teams at Rolex and Omega, constantly trying to stay ahead and go deeper than the other!

This painting is 5in x 5in and comes with a small easel.

Each painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which includes a signed letter with holographic ID number matching the handwritten note card attached to the back of the painting. These ID numbers our on an online database for reference.