Pre-order: "The Red Planet" - 8in by 8in Four Canvas Set

Pre-order: "The Red Planet" - 8in by 8in Four Canvas Set


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This four canvas set watch parts painting can be hung up many different ways, but one way is to have them all together with the Red Planet in the middle.

The first canvas (upper left) includes a Seiko Pogue spacecraft using a full vintage Seiko Pogue movement. It's flying towards the Red Planet and what looks like to small ships leaving.

The second canvas (upper right) has two very small drones, or spacecraft, made out of vintage chronograph parts. We can call them the "bad guys" that seem to be carrying something away form the Red Planet, towards what looks like a Death Star far away almost like they are stealing something very, very important. (wink, wink).

The third canvas (lower left) has two other small space craft, more "bad guys" coming from the bottom up towards the "good guys" in the Seiko Pogue spacecraft going after the other ships.

The forth canvas (bottom right) has the ultimate bad guy in a full vintage Seiko UFO movement in the shape of, you guessed it, a big UFO that seems to be in the foreground.

Use your imagination to build your own storyline, but it's the never ending battle of good vs evil. Where something has been stolen from the "Red Planet".

This painting set includes an incredible "Easter Egg" secret that the owner will be told about after purchasing.