Pre-order: "Treasure of Crowns" - Rolex Parts & a Memosail Movement

Pre-order: "Treasure of Crowns" - Rolex Parts & a Memosail Movement


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One of the coolest pieces to be imagined by the Spacestronaut, this includes some previous ideas and combines them into a new adventure the "Treasure of Crowns".

Picture this... a beautiful sailboat on a calm ocean, with a submarine under water hunting for the fabled treasure chest, when the boats anchor gets too close to the chest and busted it open, and the Treasure of Crowns spills out on the seabed.

Crowns? Are we talking about head gear, or some currency? Nope, we are talking about real gold Rolex Crowns, overflowing out of a Rolex treasure chest, made with a Rolex clasp piece, Yacht-Master rotor and other Rolex parts.

  • Saliboat = Full Vintage Memosail Movement: it was the second Regatta Time complication ever made.
  • Submarine = All Rolex 3135 Movement parts and a Rolex Crown. The 3135 was a part of the Challenger Deep mission that was on the outside of a submarine.
  • Anchor = Real Rolex Anchor that used to come with a Submariner or Sea-Dweller.
  • Fish = Mixed Rolex Parts including a Rolex "+" crown and 3135 rotor.
  • Treasure Chest = Mixed Rolex parts witha. Yacht-Master rotor.
  • Treasure = Real gold Rolex Crowns, including one special "Super Oyster" crown.

This piece is on an 11in by 14in canvas frame, that comes with a signed and dated certificate on the back, along with paperwork and is registered online.