Starship Chrono Theory (set of 3)

Starship Chrono Theory (set of 3)


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As a special request, a watch collector and apparently a "Treky" reached out to me to create a Star Trek inspired piece for the two Chrono Theory Boutiques in Japan and one for his home. 

This was no easy task, I had never created anything like this. It took a few weeks of playing around with watch parts to realize that it would take more than one watch to create a starship like the Enterprise. Then a few more weeks of messing with the parts until it all came together.

It was a challenge to create the shape and on top of that use every watch part from both watches including the cases for the very first time.

It took two vintage Seiko Stormtroopers (Star Wars is as close as possible for Star Trek related) to create a Starship similar to the Chrono Theory videos and the USS Enterprise. For 3 paintings I needed 6 full watches!

In these watch parts paintings the Starship seems to be flying away from a blue atmosphere towards a planet with a red atmosphere, with what looks like a "Wars of the Worlds" looking alien UFO orbiting it.

The only way to tell the paintings a part is the number of alien UFOs orbiting in the red atmosphere; each painting has one on the front, but #2 has another on the side, and #3 has two more on the side... 1, 2 & 3. The stars and parts of the starship glow in the dark.