"System 6139" - Solar System Made With Seiko 6139 Watch Parts


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Spacestronaut Art at Classy Baboon
The Seiko calibre 6139 was the first automatic chronograph ever worn in space, let a lone one of the first auto chrono's in the world period.

In this painting each planet in the solar system is painted and has a watch part immortalized in it. The Asteroid Belt is made out of screws, since it's mostly rocks and dust. The Kuiper Belt on the other hand is made out of over 80 impulse jewels from various watches, because it's mostly comets and ice.

School teaches us now that there are eight planets, but I'm old enough to hold on to Pluto as a planet or at least it needed to be included in the painting.
You will also find one more object that is about the size of Neptune or Uranus and is about 10 times further away then Pluto, it has a few names already like "Planet X" or the "Ninth Planet" or the "Dark Planet", yet it's never been found yet, only math and gravity tells us something might be there. Does it obit the Sun every 64,000 years and where the Anunnaki come from? Who knows... but it's fun to imagine if there is another planet out there, or a really small Black Hole or even a clump of Dark Matter?

Each painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which includes a signed letter with holographic ID number matching the handwritten note card attached to the back of the painting. These ID numbers our on an online database for reference.
This painting is 5in x 5in and comes with the small easel, shipped for free in the CONUS with code: SHIPFREE