"The Gamble" (18x24) In Stock

"The Gamble" (18x24) In Stock


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It would be a gamble to travel all the way to Enceladus just to go scuba diving. But with the Dragon Lander, why not?! Enjoy the view from the surface of the moon at Saturn just outside the 5th D Ring.

The night sky glows in the dark, even the ice crust glows as it does in real life form the radiation coming form Saturn. There are two "Easter Eggs" hidden in the painting made of watch parts including 9 pieces and 3 jewels from a Seiko 6139 movement, which was the first automatic chronograph in space.

Each painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which includes a signed letter with holographic ID number matching the handwritten note card attached to the back of the painting. These ID numbers our on an online database for reference.